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After Ai no Beat's 'Chicken Dance' we have now the 'Penguin Dance' in Kiss 魂... :D

Well done, Kisumai! ♥ ♥ ♥



All the best wishes from the bottom of my heart to Tamamori Yuta!

I remember how I first met you ... when I accidentally watched 'Ikemen Desu Ne'
while I was learning for an exam.
It was like love at the first sight. And it was the beginning of a very deep ... fangirl-relationship. :D
Tama-Chan, you always make me smile when I see you.
Maybe becauce of your lovely, cute and innocent personality?
Maybe because of your clumsiness? :D
Tama-chan, I'm so damn proud of you.
You've reached a lot in your life. You're a famous idol, actor and model.
It really makes me happy to see how much you're doing for the sake of Kis-My-Ft2.
So please continue with working hard, okay?
Please never give up. And do always your best to fulfill your own dreams and wishes.
To become more shiny as you're already doing as a star.

You'll probably never find out about my feelings for you.
And I'll probably never have the chance to conquer your heart. :D
Because I'm only one of 39012389038902183190... fangirls who adores you like hell.
Every single minute. And mostly every night before going to bed. :D
That's a sad story of my life - but hey, that's okay.
It already satisfies me to see how succesful and joyful you're walking through life.
Please always keep your beautiful smile okay?
So that I can see that my Tama-chan is doing well. =)

So much for that.
Now I'm going to present you a
birthday-special which includes the best moments of Tamamori Yuta of some Kisumai-PVs.
Let's watch it and celebrate Tama-chan's birthday together!

(To watch in HD-Quality, please follow this link:

Back to the roots! Ehm, I mean ... back to fangirling! :D

Okay, to be honest: My studyingstress, caused by lots of university-stuff, did not decrease - but hey, I've found back to Kis-My-Ft2!!! And I've really missed the passion of fangirling - that's why I've taken a new promise
to myself that I'll never ever lose again sight of my cute Kisumai-Boys! \./

To cut a long story short: I've finally managed to create
a new Medley of all Music PVs of Kisumai from 2013 to now! It was really awesome to put all the PVs together to one video and to watch the musical development of every single Kisumai-Member. Damn, how they've grown .... *getting sentimental*

You can find the new medley  - like the first one - only on my Vimeo-Channel
in HD-Quality by following this link: https://vimeo.com/120452979)

This Vid is also shared on my beloved TamaKoji-Tumblr-page (just remember: tamakoji.tumblr.com)

Enough information-spamming - enjoy my new creation! :) :)

just random stuff.

Note: i think i'm not the only one who always understand "Chicken, Chicken!" instead
of "Check it, check it!" while listening to Kisumai's Ai no Beat, am i? :D

[FanVideo] The Story of Seto Koji

After my stupid Fangirl-Vid, I wanted to be more serious...:D
So here it is: My FanFiction with Seto Koji!
(A Pendant to my FanFiction of Tamamori Yuta)

Enjoy watching [in HD] please!! :)

Ra.One in Japan?!

Really excited about this flashmob!
Even other Top-Bollywood-Movies were
released in the Japanese Cinemas!
So proud to be a part of the Indian Culture!! *____*
You MUST watch the awesome dance of the
Japanese Folk to Chammak Challo! :D

(starts at 2:20!)

This is the Original one:

BTW: The Japanese Girls look very good in the Indian Dresses! :)


Yatta, dekita!
And here is it: My Promotion-Video for my Tumblr-Page!

Made with lots of TamaKoji-Love!
(and needed only 4 hours for 1 minute, I'm really good ne :D)

Enjoy watching [in HD] !!! :)

fuck yeah, Miyata. 公

fuck yeah, Miyata. 公

Minna-san! I'm really happy to announce that I'm able
to continue the Miyacchi-Tumblr-Fanpage "
fuck yeah, Miyata. 公."

(to visit the page, click on the header-picture!)

Miyacchi is another Kisumai-Member who i really like (next to Tama-Chan)
because he's an adorable and kawaii clumsy person and
of course because of his awesome and unique otaku-style!
So now I manage two Tumblr-Pages and try to
spread the TamaKoji- and Miyacchi-Love everywhre!

(Don't forget my Main-TamaKoji-Page kudasai!;
click on
the next picture to visit it! -^.^- )

TamaKoji 愛

Please make sure to visit and follow both Tumblr-Pages ne?

~ chuuuuuuuu

Kis-My-Ft2-Medley - All Music PVs

Minna! -^.^-
I've created a new Video. This time: A
I tried to upload it to YT, but unfortunately it failed
because YT always blocks my Video -.-

So I've opened a new Channel at Vimeo
Link: https://vimeo.com/channels/543138)
And here it is: My new Video-Project.
Enjoy watching!

(Please in HD!)